We enjoy all of our club visits, but there was one recently which was very special.  On 29th September, we were treated to a wonderful surprise when we visited the RC Port Lincoln.  That night, a local boy, Ayo Ajao, donated $350.80 that he had raised to the Port Lincoln Rotary Club President, John Myers.  As his Year-4 project, Ayo chose to raise money to aid the fight against Polio; he filled a jar with jellybeans and sold guesses as to the number of beans in the jar.  He sold these at the Navigators College which he and his sister Abby attend, and at a Rotary Club meeting on the night that he handed the money over.
Rotarian David Forbes had the correct guess at 375.  To see community participation in action, and by someone so young was so inspiring!  What a special night!   Ayo, you’re a star !!!
It is probably not a surprise that Ayo chose Polio as his target and Rotary as his partner.  What is a surprise is that one so young has the foresight to participate in the ongoing battle against Polio.
His parents are Dr Kay Ajao and Nike Ajao who is a nurse at the Port Lincoln Hospital.  Dr Kay is a very committed community supporter and for a man who is so busy as an active Rotarian often attending working bees and other club activities.