Sometimes the world seems so unfair it makes our chests burn with anger, but there's a chance to turn that feeling into hope -- start a petition on any issue you care deeply about, send it around and watch your hope for a different future catch fire! The best petitions will be emailed to 10,000 Avaaz members and offered up to $10,000 to fund impact. Click below to get started now:
Dear Friends,

Melanie took just three minutes to create a campaign that saved the heart of her community. And now we all can use the tools on Avaaz's community petition site to make huge change in our own backyards.
She lives in a small, mountain village in Germany where local kids attend a unique single classroom school that has taught generations of the village’s young people. For two hundred years the school has served as the focal point for the community, until this year, when the government announced it was going to shut the doors of this crucial cultural institution. 

Melanie jumped into action and started a petition on the Avaaz site, sent it to everyone in the town and watched it grow. Local journalists got interested in the story and soon the media coverage had created enough public interest that the head of the local education committee had to go on the record to state his support for the school. A month later the local committee announced that, for at least a year, the school was safe!

In minutes, Melanie had kickstarted a David & Goliath battle which forced the government to change its policy. Now the entire community is celebrating. 

This is how the hope of one person can change any community. And to help fuel these hopes, the Avaaz community will choose the ten best petition ideas to get up to $10,000 in financial support to supercharge their call, and be emailed to 10,000 or more Avaaz members. Click below to find your power to help your community or country right now:

Sometimes the world seems so unfair it makes our chests burn with frustration, but when we turn that fire into hope and ask others to join us, we give ourselves the chance to win any fight.

Right now, anyone can set up a petition in three minutes using the same tools Avaaz uses to win campaigns. Already hundreds of thousands of people across the world have used them to achieve real change - locally, nationally and even internationally. 

It’s simple and it works. It worked for Carol in Trinidad who wanted to stop the bulldozing of a local grove for a sports stadium. It worked for Anja in Germany who wanted to make sure her classmate wasn't deported with his family. It worked for Valerio in Italy who wanted a chemical company to stop poisoning his town.

It takes just minutes to get started. Start a petition on any issue that fires you up, and watch the hope spread like wildfire. 

Avaaz will help -- we'll email the best petitions to 10,000 or more Avaaz members to help them grow, and our community will give the creators up to $10,000 to make the biggest impact possible. Forward this email to someone who might be ready to light a fire of hope, or if its you, click below to get started now:

The internet is bringing people, media and information together faster and better than ever before, and we've shown how well our community can use the web to, piece by piece, create a better world. Every great Avaaz campaign has started with a vision of hope that caught fire. Now any of us can offer that vision, and start that fire. 

With great excitement for all we will do together, 

Emma, Oli, Ian, Luca, Sayeeda, Marie, Jamie, Patri, Anna, Ricken and the whole Avaaz team


Legal letter halts bulldozers (The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper)

Schoolhouse in Unterjoch (Bavarian Broadcasting: available only in German)

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Gleb allowed to stay - and the class cheers (Die Welt: available only in German)

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