At the recent Governor Elect Training seminar for Zone 8, which was held in Melbourne, discussions were conducted on the topic of attracting new members. We often talk about our target audience and how the individuals can contribute to the organisation which is Rotary.
However it has been pointed out that individuals rarely seek out membership. We are constantly being encouraged to ASK! But what do we say?
The concept of a Value Proposition is to prepare a simple statement which answers the question:  “Why should my ideal prospect join my club?”
Our ideal prospects are likely to come from a variety of environments with varying degrees of experience related to their role in society. These could include age, training, social involvement, peer group membership, project involvement, and relationships. Therefore our value proposition must vary with the targeted individual allowing the proposer to highlight the benefits of becoming involved with their Rotary Club.
Some of the areas, apart from the satisfaction of service, which were highlighted in the discussions were:
· Mentoring by Rotarians
· Confidence in public speaking
· Making friends with likeminded individuals
· Business opportunities
· Gaining new organising skills
· Highlighting current project activities
· Promoting the individual’s own project
· Fun, fellowship inclusive of partners
Not all of these will apply to each prospect and may have differing significance between individuals and clubs.
What would your value proposition be for the following?
· A recent RYLARIAN
· A new arrival to the district
· A young professional (single or with partner)
· A recent retiree
· A business associate
· An international student
So perhaps your next conversation with a potential Rotarian or your membership committee should not be an “elevator speech” but more of a value proposition.
However the bottom line is keep ASKING!