Shrinkage of Rotary in the developed world has led to a call for positive change and for us to face the future with courage, optimism and creativity.

To be more effective, relevant and attractive, we must innovate and work in partnership and unity, both within Rotary and externally. Each edition of Collaborations showcases some great
examples of clubs meeting this call and as a result, serving more effectively and enjoying more fellowship and fun.

Future issues will include stories of clubs working together and partnering to make a difference, the outcomes of which are inspirational and I recommend these to you.

District leaders, too, are seeking to collaborate, innovate and support clubs to grow membership, foster young leaders and improve our public image. In addition, the new District Steering Committee is collaborating to streamline governance, structure and processes and to facilitate more diverse perspectives in decision making.

We hope to share some progress and examples of such initiatives in each quarterly edition.

David Egan
District Governor 2018/19
    October 2018                                                 January 2019                                              June 2019