Updated 27 May 2019
What is Risk Management and why does Rotary care?


Risk Management is simply identifying risks and taking steps to reduce them to acceptable levels.
Our Club cares about Risk Management because:
  • We have a moral responsibility to try to protect our members and the general public from harm, and to protect our assets.
  • We also have a legal Duty of Disclosure to our insurer, and the District requires us to undertake and submit a formal Risk Management assessment for any event that involves members of the public.
Therefore before any of our events involving the public, such as Carnevale, the Art Show, we have to assess risks:
This just means identifying what could go wrong:
Some examples are:
  • fire,
  • electrocution,
  • injury from lifting,
  • sickness from poor food preparation;
  • theft of cash or property.
Then we have to take precautions to reduce these risks:  This can be:
  • maintaining equipment,
  • proper techniques when lifting heavy items,
  • wearing gloves when handling food,
  • making first aid kits available,
  • locking up cash.
All members are asked to consider risk management generally, and take care to minimise injury or theft.
However those responsible for events are asked to work with me, as Risk Management Officer, to complete and submit the required forms at least a week
before the event.
There are two forms to be completed, and we now have experience at filling them in.
They are not too difficult; it just requires us to properly understand the event, who is responsible for what, and what are potential hazards.
For the shed sales, occurring each month, we just make one assessment for the year.
Risk Management is only common sense and seeks to ensure the safety of Rotarians and the public.
Risk Management Officer
  Contact details:
         D9500  Vic Isbester   vic@oxford.net.au                       D9520 Nigel Woolmer    niwusa@yahoo.com