Wow, Wow, Wow.   What a weekend this was.   The “Dare to be Different, Regional Membership Conference” certainly was special. The feedback was astounding, with comments like – the best and most relevant gathering of Rotarians, inspirational, thought provoking, excellent how-to tools, full on etc.   and to top it off, the food was good too!  The ideas presented have given hope that Rotary will grow and strengthen for the future.
Attendance was good with about 140 there on both days.  About 15 were from interstate with the further-est coming from Hervey Bay and the remainder came from across the two districts in similar numbers.  An aside was that many members from both districts commented that it was good to meet people that they had not met before.  Attendees, please let your Clubs know all about what you learnt.  Be the “Guest speaker” and the “change agents”.  You have a relevant and pertinent story to tell – I urge you to offer to speak at other clubs in your Group that didn’t have representation.  All presentations are available below and links on left of this District web site.

Here are a few posts:
Wendy Gaborit At the opening address by PDG Jessie Harman Membership Coordinator - we need to get better at connecting with our alumni, and being true to our core values. People mobilise to where the money is and our Foundation provides such scope to engage those who want to make a difference. Remember we need to continue to evolve as an organisation if we are to remain relevant.
NO - a two letter word that extinguishes a flame. Next time when presented with a new idea - let's respond with s YES - and let's explore, get together to discuss... Mitty Chang. Rotarian Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley. Investing in our members, demonstrating the benefit of membership - providing financial support to grow the personal and professional development of members. Providing start up grants for projects. What's the value of your rotary membership and take charge of your digital presence- we can't assume people know who we are- google service club's in your town and see I your club pops up! I'd in public facing, does it talk about our projects, who we are our leaders and the benefits of membership.
Listening to creative entrepreneur and Rotarian Mitty Chang from San Francisco - at the Rotary membership forum in Adelaide, Australia. Fabulous!
Mitty Chang, Rotarian, entrepreneur, IT specialist, SanFrancisco. USA.   The Future of Rotary "Here be Dragons". 
The challenge of not doing anything, playing it safe by continuing a slow decline in obsolescence. That we are still active in community in 10 - 20 or 30 years. Engaging Millennials - studies show us that young professionals want to be engaged in changing the world, addressing social issues, 90% give to social causes, charities and they like to do it in groups. Our challenge to be relevant and offer them the opportunity to participate. 

Technology is changing everyday we need to become dragon slayers. We do not fear change. We do not fear the unknown and we want Rotary to be here for future generations.
Rotary - we are People of Action - people who join together to make a difference.
Rotarians making a difference - food for health.

A major project by Food for a Healthy Lifestyle Our focus is on the promotion of guidelines and recipes to improve the well-being of our community. Learn More Children today face the risk of a shorter lifespan than…


Official Program

Saturday, August 26

Jessie Harman - The Changing Volunteering Landscape
Mitty Chang - The Future of Rotary TO FOLLOW
Darcy Walsh - Rejuvenating and Rebuilding the Rotary Club of Adelaide
Mark Huddleston - Possibilities without Barriers at the Rotary Club of Seaford
Tim Moore - Attract, engage and retain with flexibility and satellite clubs
Chris Edwards - The Rotary Fitness Project
Julie Aubry - RI Membership Resources video + Resources links
Stephen Walker - Engaging the Media
Wendy Gaborit - Making the most of Rotary's Public Image Resources + People of Action Video
Michael Neale - Rotary's Public Image, Creating the Narrative

Sunday, August 27

Mitty Chang - Turning Social Media into Rotary Results TO FOLLOW
John Hendrickson - Moments of Truth for First Time Visitors to your club + Handout
Fiona Biedermann - The Change Journey + Workshop Handout
Mark Huddleston - Closing Comments + Kitchen Nightmares video