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                         DGs FINAL ADDRESS - 30 June 2018 

Thank you for the opportunity to say a few words before we induct our new Governor Jane Owens.
A one-page final report will be distributed later. It enables me to be mercifully brief in what I have to say. The one pager is the first two pages of the wonderful 17 page final edition of Collaborations, our District Newsletter, which is in your email in-box.  I encourage you to read it as it showcases:
  • Some inspirational moments of 2018/19
  • Some wonderful legacies
  • Numerous outstanding service projects
  • Some important recognitions including civic honours and
  • Some great collaborations and innovations between clubs and districts which have made a big difference.
Success is always a team effort, which is why we chose the “Collaborations” concept to underpin our efforts this year.  Our Presidents and team Leaders have responded beautifully :-
  • For the first time in many years we are holding our own on membership which is no mean feat given natural losses due to our ageing demographic, a significant 25% drop in the previous 8 years, and an average loss of 60 per annum for the previous 3 years.
  • Rotaract membership has grown significantly and in addition it is significant that four Rotaractors have chosen to become Rotarians!
  • A new Interact Club has been formed and there are more on the way.
  • Foundation targets have in total been exceeded by approximately 8% if all known donations are credited for the year (this includes a significant unused DDF contribution).
  • More clubs are now focused on embracing change and new operating approaches aimed at to enticing new members.
  • Above all, many clubs, our two districts in SA and all districts in Australia and NZ, are now opening planning change and possible transformation, bringing valued long serving members with us.
I believe we have laid a good foundation for future success and I am delighted DGE Jane is keen to continue some of the strategies we have developed together this year. There is much more to do!
I wish to thank the Club Presidents, supportive District Leaders (AGs and Function Leaders) and the D9500 Board members - in fact all Rotarians in D9500.  My heart-felt thanks for your support.
Before making a few recognitions, let me share a portion of RI President Barry Rassin’s last email, which I received at 5.30 am this morning.  He said amongst other things:-
That spirit of change is possible because you’ve been more than spectators. You’ve been true People of Action. You’ve taken the charge to “Be the Inspiration” personally. And have helped set Rotary on a new course for innovation and growth.  More change is coming – more diversity, new club models, and a brand new Rotary strategic plan that will take us out of our comfort zone’s a bit, while setting us on a course to making an even bigger impact on the world
Over the years there have been so many things to be thankful for but I think one of the biggest was the decision 30 years ago to allow women to join Rotary. Last Wednesday I had the privilege of being seated alongside Mrs Le, His Excellency’s lovely wife, and she commented that there are so many good women role models in Rotary. I promised her that I would quote her and I have just done so.
Mrs Le is absolutely correct.  One such role model is my fellow DG from District 9520 Kim Harvey, and our Collaborations Newsletter features others such as PDG Marie Dorrington OAM, the late Elizabeth Briggs and the late Dianne Parcell as well as new Rotarian Katey Halliday and Conference speakers Amanda Wendt and PDG Dr Jessie Harman.
Others are District Secretary Jacqui Atyeo and the two women I had the pleasure of recognising in their Clubs in the last few days – Lucia Cawley for her outstanding contribution as a Board Director and running our RYLA and RYPEN programs, and also Sue Graetz who in about 4 years came from being a Friend of Rotary, to serving as Club President twice and in addition being a Team Leader for Club Development Future Directions. There are many more who deserve acknowledgement.
I love the project “Celebrating Women in Rotary” which has been initiated by the RC of Mawson Lakes; Margaret Farr, Jeannette Rich and new President Vaneeta Dogra are doing a great job and I encourage you to support them in making this project a success.
Where would we be without women in Rotary?  I think we all know the answer!
In this context let me thank a woman who has been my rock and support for the last 5 years of my Rotary journey, during which time I have been President RC of Adelaide and then immediately after on this DG journey.
Yesterday I received a beautiful email from a most respected Past President of the RC of Adelaide saying amongst other things that “You have both done a wonderful job TOGETHER for the District and our Club”. This sums it up because I realise the job could not be done alone and I haven’t done it alone...Chris and I did it together!  I ask you to thank my lovely wife without whom I could not have served as your District Governor.
Finally, before we do some recognitions, I will finish with the last sentence of my final report, which is about to be handed out and is also on the website.
Let us move forward together, and reap the rewards
Thank you, 
David Egan 
District Governor 
District 9500
In making the following recognitions I am mindful that not everyone can been recognised on the one occasion and many have been recognised in their Clubs. In this regard I was particularly delighted last Wednesday to see the RC of Adelaide recognise our District Treasurer Stephen Noble and the RC of Prospect recognise District Leader Jeffrey Cluse with his sixth PHF with a ruby for his work with the Scout Jamboree.  Both are so well deserved.
District Membership Award
This year it is my pleasure to recognise the RC of Adelaide Light and in the absence of President Rob McLellan, I ask PE Katrina Bell and new Rotarian Katey Halliday to come forward and received the award for best percentage growth – 41.7%!
This year with the help of Team Leader Jeff Cluse I decided to also recognise the RC of Kapunda which increased its membership by 41%. President David Hodge is not here today and will be presented with the award at the forthcoming milestone dinner.
Mike Stevens (PHF)
Two years ago as we started Peter Schaefer’s year without a Team Leader Learning & Development, this bloke whom I knew nothing about, volunteered to fill the vacancy. A leap of faith was required and was made when it was clear he understood the need to empower Club Presidents’ and Team Leaders to embrace and lead change.
Mike’s support in a time of change was exceptional and he is also being recognised for his contribution over many years to our youth programs, in particular the National Youth Science Forum at which he has been “Camp Dad”, along with his wife, the Honourable Lea Stevens present with us today.
Glenda Sherwin-Lane (PHF with 4 Sapphires)
This is Glenda’s fifth PHF recognition – she is just amazing and you have all seen her outstanding work in District Bizz and Collaborations all year.
Thank you Glenda for your exceptional contribution in 18/19. You are a role model for ‘service above self’ and thoroughly deserving of this recognition to be presented by His Excellency the Governor of South Australia, Hue Van Le AC.

Graham Fussen (PHF with Ruby)
This is Graham’s sixth PHF – it is a ruby! He is also an amazing Rotarian who, despite health problems, battles on and underpins the operation of our District in so many ways.
Thank you Graham for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and know-how in IT, District Affairs, Media and is outstanding! Graham is a key person upon whom incoming DG Jane and I have been building our continuity strategies.
Robert Falconer (PHF Sapphire)
Robert is the Immediate Past President of the Rotary Club of Adelaide and receives his PHF Sapphire in recognition of his leadership of RCA in support of the District in 2018/19. Rob Falconer has been exceptional in helping to get the right people in the right roles for our successful conference and for District Board roles whilst also running his very large Rotary Club.
In addition he has led the RC of Adelaide to ensure it advanced international understanding, goodwill and peace by supporting the Foundation and various international projects to the tune of almost A$50,000 this year.
Ollie Clark AO (PHF with Three Sapphires)
Ollie has been a Rotarian for 47 years. He’s an engineer and former CEO of an icon South Australian company, SA Gas Co and now, long retired, he keeps busy running the amazing Engineering & Science Challenge across three districts (9500, 9520 and 9720).
Every year the project supports 2500 students and teachers to embrace STEM subjects to improve our future.  In addition, each year Ollie raises thousands of dollars in corporate and other sponsorship to run the program and engages many Rotary clubs across the three Districts in the challenge.
D’Arcy Walsh (PHF with Two Sapphires)
Two years ago during a very difficult part of his life, PP D’Arcy Walsh stepped up to chair the Combined District Steering Committee.
Today he receives a second sapphire pin for his leadership of the committee where he galvanised support for change against considerable resistance.
As a result D'Arcy has been asked to be the Project Manager of the RI approved Regional Restructure Pilot which is aimed at transforming Rotary in Australia and New Zealand over the next few years.
In his email to me at 5.30 am this morning, now Past RIP Barry Rassin finished with, “Never be shy about going against the norm and giving others the courage to follow along. Be a proud “Flamingo of Change” ...that is exactly what Ian D’Arcy Walsh is!
Marie-louise Lees (PHF with 3 Rubies)
In this thirtieth anniversary of the year when Rotary finally accepted women as members, it is an honour to recognise one of the best role models I have seen in Rotary.
During the last year, this person has been a wonderful Assistant Governor, a most valued member of the new District 9510 Steering Committee, a wonderful backstop for the District Foundation Committee and in addition, Chair of Jane Owens District Conference Committee.
In addition Marie-louise is a Paul Harris Society Member of the Rotary Foundation.
Rotarians and guests please stand and honour a wonderful role model who today receives her ninth PHF recognition – 3 rubies – PP Marie Louise Lees
Thank you.
David Egan
DG  2018-2019