Dear fellow Rotarians,

We are now only six months away from commencing District 9510 spanning most of South Australia, Alice Springs in the NT and Broken Hill and Sunraysia (Mildura and vicinity) in NSW and Victoria.
The logo at left shows the breadth of the new district.
Now, as part of an extensive consultative process the time has come to present an agreed Structure, Constitution and Bylaws and Appointments Update.
Recognising the breadth of the District 9510, there will be an innovative new leadership structure including two Deputy Governors and 12 Area Governors who will be united in service with the Leadership Board to support Clubs and members at the centre of the structure.
The final structure can be seen by clicking here. It is a variation to that advised in March in that the Immediate Past Governor and the Chair of the District Finance Committee will now be part of the District Leadership Board and there will be a separate Alumni role. The changes are due to RI requirements and, together with the Chair, Future Directions and Diversity (Membership) role, are of strategic importance.
  • With the inclusion of extra people on the Leadership Board, another variation is that there will now be two Rotarians selected by the District Governor to enable experience and/or specialist knowledge to the incorporated into the Leadership Board. It is believed this will provide more effective and progressive governance. There are limitations on how long these appointees can serve on the board and their voting rights, and these details are spelled out in the Constitution and Bylaws.
Appointment of Area Governors is another area that has changed.  The new Deputy Governor Areas will now oversee the process of obtaining nominations for these roles, which could come from outside the Area. The Deputy Governor Areas will make recommendations for these roles to the District Governor, District Governor Elect and District Governor Nominee for approval. The changes are believed more practical for the moment and also reflected in the Constitution and Bylaws.
The new Constitution and Bylaws have been approved by Rotary International and are now ready to be circulated to Clubs for adoption. To see them click here.
To be adopted they must be accepted by two thirds (2/3) of Clubs. Each Club will have one vote (irrespective of size) which can be made electronically or at a special meeting of both Districts.  The official process for this will be conducted by the current District Governors of each District and the special meeting date and location will be advised as part of that process.
At the District conferences for both existing Districts a Special General Meeting will be necessary for both Districts to pass resolutions winding up the Districts on 30 June 2020. Also it will be necessary for both Districts to pass resolutions to transfer the Assets, Cash reserves and Liabilities of both Districts to D9510 on 30 June 2020.
The Current Governors for D9500 and 9520 will arrange for the appropriate documentation to be lodged with the Office of Consumer and Business affairs to wind up the two Districts on 30 June 2020 or as soon as practical after that date.
Bringing together committees from two Districts has been a major task over the last twelve to eighteen months with existing committees having to continue their respective individual operations. We acknowledge and thank all involved for their efforts in this regard.
The Combined Districts Governor Train is now the implementation committee for District 9510 and whilst much progress has been made there remains some matters still to be resolved.  Final updates are being pursued over January to enable things to be in place for upcoming learning and development events.
Resourcing of the new District is a big job and we thank those who took part in the expressions of Interest process.
To see the list of people who have agreed to undertake roles in District 9510 click here.
Further updates will be provided as things evolve and if you have any queries or feedback please email
DG Jane Owens dg19-20@rotary9500.org; or DG Tim Klar dgtim9520@gmail.com; or DGE David Jones DG2020@rotary9510.org .