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In 2001-2002 RI President Rick King, in seeking to re-vitalise giving to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, promoted the concept of Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) which meant that ideally every Rotarian would contribute to The Foundation each year as part of their philanthropic responsibility as business and professional leaders in society. He suggested a gift of US$100 or more as a reasonable starting point.

In Australia the District Governors considered this, decided to keep the concept in Australian currency and call the program the Centurion Club. Membership is annual and is maintained by personally donating A$100 or more to The Rotary Foundation via the Australian Rotary Foundation Trust, to ensure income tax deductibility for the donor.

Donors are encouraged to renew each year. Donors may also be partners, family members and friends of Rotary. The processing of donations:- Donations with the application form are sent to Team Centurion at the address on the application form; donations are recorded and sent to The Rotary Foundation Trust at Parramatta once a month; Parramatta sends the tax deductible receipt to the donor via the club; on a monthly basis Team Centurion updates the Centurion Club data base, prints and issues certificates to donors via their clubs and at the same time issues a Centurion Club lapel pin to those donating for the first time. Applications forms are requested each year. Where there is no change to data from the time of the last donation fill in only Club/ Club ID/ Name/ personal ID.

Where the data has changed, provide details only of the changed items together with  Club/ Club ID/ Name/ personal ID.

This enables the data base to be maintained accurately and protects correspondence from being sent to wrong addresses or when circumstances make the correspondence inappropriate. Accordingly your co-operation in providing the application form is sought. Donations of $100 or more are very welcome. All personal donations are deposited into the Annual Programs Fund, for which the donor gains PHF Recognition points, and the funds support for the Foundation's humanitarian programs.

Rotarians who donations over time reach US$1,000 are eligible to apply for a Paul Harris Recognition. These donors should send their application direct to Parramatta using the TRF Global Contribution form - 123-EN-(908) available on the RI website. 

Please forward all Contributions (including Card payments and Direct Debit payments) directly to the Team Centurion. This enables the Team Centurion and the District Governor to have a complete picture of personal giving to the Annual Programs Fund which assists in the planning for the use of grant funds in our District in coming years.

                A strong Rotary Foundation means a strong Rotary.

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