Some weeks ago, Brian McDonald and his fellow Rotarians were looking around for a project.  Brian stumbled across the old Scout’s hall behind St Paul’s Cathedral at Port Adelaide. It was in a state of disrepair and no-one could use it.
A dozen or so members from the Rotary Clubs of Kidman Park and Port Adelaide have been working hard over the last few months, giving the hall a make-over.  The chairs were broken, the lighting was nearly non-existent and the hall was badly in need of running repairs and a paint job.  They also put in some computers with Wi-Fi and new chairs.

Around $15,000 which had been raised by the two clubs was spent and the facility.  Thanks to Brian and his Rotary mates, and donations from projects, this old hall has been given a new lease on life and can now be utilised by the local community.  Great work!