Article by RC, PDG Noel Trevaskis 
A lot of clubs do not have a Strategy Plan to increase their membership, unfortunately for a lot of clubs they rely on Hope!
Hope is not a strategy to increase membership, increasing membership takes some work, and for it to be successful you have to have a strategy to make it happen. People need to remember that the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary!
Clubs should have elected their leaders for the future; they will be hoping that the Club leaders that have been elected will bring success for their club. In this issue of ‘Rotary on the Move’ (pages 2 and 3) is a copy of the membership flyer that will be going to every Rotarian via the Rotary Down Under magazine. This flyer gives practical examples of what Rotarians and Clubs can do to help in their quest for members and how to keep those members. The examples will fit into a Strategic Plan of a Club and can become a part of the overall strategy of increasing their membership.
For clubs to be successful they need to have good strategies in place. Successful Clubs know what they are trying to achieve and how they are going to achieve it, they have plans and the flyer can give you ideas for your plan.
Successful clubs always want to achieve success; in fact they expect to be successful. They always want to do more and are always improving and wanting to improve they are not satisfied with where they are now. They are focussed on the future. They talk about progress not change!
A club that is a successful club is a progressive club not a hopeful club, they develop their members. They have all their members involved in the club. They look forward to the future; they don’t hope to have a good future, they have solutions and plans they don’t just hope. Successful clubs know that hope is not a strategy. Look out for your copy of the Rotary Down Under magazine with the flyer and talk about it at your next club meeting.