'Donate Life' is my special project for the 2015-2016 Rotary Year - Rotarian Lynne Layng

DONATE LIFE  You could save a stranger or someone you love.
My uncle, Lance Mann, a fit, healthy former Essendon Football player and three-time winner of the Stawell Gift, found himself in need of a heart transplant at the age of 57. The wait was a long one, but just 17 weeks after his surgery, with a new, strong heart beating in his chest, he was playing “the back nine” twice a week!  Somebody gave Lance the Gift of Life. He went on to live a full life for another 23 years!
Making the decision to become an organ and tissue donor is easy for some and hard for others

One organ and tissue donor can transform the lives of 10 or more people. The determining factors are where and how a person dies, and the conditions of their organs and tissues. While your age and medical history will be considered, you shouldn't assume you're too young, too old or not healthy enough to become a donor.
Deciding and registering your donation decision about organ and tissue donation is a very positive act. In deciding to become an organ and tissue donor, you are expressing your willingness to save and transform the lives of others through the gift of donation.
       "It is vitally important to discuss your decision with your family and friends".
They need to know your decision because, in the event of your death, they will be asked to confirm your donation decision. It is important to tell them so that your wishes will be fulfilled. This is your GIFT of LIFE
Please consider my request to
You could save a stranger or someone you love.
More information at http://www.donatelife.gov.au
            Lynne Layng