The Rotary Foundation Grants     (Program Year 2015 -16).
As announce in the District Dispatch you have approval to proceed with your District Grant Project.
Please find attached the two documents required to be completed for your club to be reimbursed for expenditure on the approved project submitted to the District Grants Committee.
District Grant Reports for 2014-15
Your report this year needs to include a video stream that can be uploaded to the Districts communication channels, e.g. Facebook and website.
This is a request from the District Grants Committee as they wish to publicise our Foundation’s achievements, in supporting your club’s project.
As normal the following documents are required:
  • One page (minimum) written report on your project including one photograph for publishing in the Annual Report.  Please use the word document attached to this email.
  • Financial Expenditure Report. (Document attached) Including the following:
    • Copy of Invoices, (essential for reimbursement).
    • Copy of Receipts where available.
    • Bank Statements that match expenditure.
    • For funds transferred overseas, evidence of expenditure from the host, again with bank statements.
  • For Items purchase TRF require us to keep a register please fill out the inventory included in the financial report form. (Reminder no item purchase can become the property of a Rotarian or rotary Club), e.g. fridge, computer, pump.
Finally a reminder that your project needs to be completed and reported on by end of May 2016. Any unexpended funds as at 30 June 2016 are required to be returned to TRF for crediting to our Global Grant budget.

Queries to either John Rowe or Ed King
PDG Ed King
Chair District Rotary Foundation    Mobile 0419 334 181.