This page contains several District (or district adopted) Policies
These Policies will be updated by the DMC as required
Attached on the left is the new District 9500 Protection Policy.    (Protection Policy Version 1.3  23.06.15) 
The initial Draft Policy that was forwarded to Presidents and Secretaries on 4 June  has been updated to include references to Friends of Rotary, Rotaractors and NT legislation.  The Draft Protection Policy attached (Protection Policy Update 19.06.15) shows  the changes highlighted for your reference.
Having been accepted by the District Management Committee, the District 9500 Protection Policy -  (Protection Policy Version 1.3 23.06.15) -  now becomes the District 9500 Protection Policy and as such will be uploaded to the District website.
The signed off original of this document will be retained by the District Secretary.