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Welcome to the May Newsletter. This is the ‘Youth’ edition as we are in the RYLA/RYPEN/NYSF season. Please consider sponsoring young people to take part in these leadership activities. It is very rewarding and enriching to hear of their experiences when they come back and talk at your club. Many of our sponsored young people have gone on to the international level in RYLA and NYSF, an outcome which has changed their lives.
We are coming in to the Presidential Changeover season and I would like to pass on my best wishes to all incoming Club officers. Leading a Rotary Club is a great experience and one to look forward to.
Please seriously consider whether your club or group of clubs can initiate ad VTT event. The District is offering financial support to assist you to make it happen. Details are in the Newsletter.
Enjoy the remainder of this Rotary year – it has gone very quickly. Click here to download newsletter.
The E-Club and OPAL (SA Health) have launched our major project, Food For Health providing Healthy alternatives for a Healthier Lifestyle. The key focus of this project is to promote better food choices for a healthier lifestyle. Community Organisations and Service Clubs have an important role to play in encouraging these healthier lifestyles. This can be achieved by adopting guidelines and recipes from our website which will help our commitment to serve humanity by keeping you and your family healthy.
What motivates everyday women to do extraordinary things — to positively change the lives of people halfway around the world while inspiring so many folks at home? Three Rotary members answered that question at a celebration of International Women’s Day hosted by the World Bank at its Washington, D.C., headquarters 8 March. By 
Today, DGE Peter Schaefer announced the next Conference will be a Joint District Conference in the Barossa Valley. The theme we have chosen "Joining Rotary - Making A Difference" is a way in-which we can strengthen Rotary's efforts to help Communities locally and overseas. Link to the Conference Website.
After 3 days of inspirational and entertaining speakers, DG John Pohl can now relax a little. Thanking Geelong Conference Chairman PDG Marie Dorrington and the Conference Team for creating a very successful Conference. Click here to view some Photos
Every year, hundreds of thousands of people — children, families, and entire communities — benefit from projects funded by The Rotary Foundation. When you give to Rotary, you enable local leaders to create sustainable solutions to their community's most pressing needs.
A generous donation of a ‘Heart Start Defibrillator’ to the Modbury Bowling Club by Tea Tree Gully Rotary ‘has saved a life’. When Paramedics arrived they were able to stabilise the Patient who had 3 Heart Start Charges performed by an on duty Nurse, which saved his life.
The Rotary Foundation, charitable arm of Rotary, has been named the 2016 Outstanding Foundation by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).
The new E-Club of District 9500 has no boundaries. It’s open to the world! Read this explanation by Inaugural President, Eric Russell.
 “The Rotary e-club of Greater South Oz 9500 is geographically based in the city and the state of South Australia; however as our Rotary International location is worldwide our members can live anywhere in the world. While our members meet regularly on-line through this website, there is an opportunity for working together on projects to meet community needs in any country or locality.
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